Elliott Wave Theory – a brief introduction

What Is Elliott Wave Theory? Technical analysis is a common tool used by traders to predict market trends and prices. Elliott wave theory is a form of technical analysis that uses the highs and lows of prices as a guide. It can also be applied to other collective factors, such as investor psychology. By analyzing […]

Introduction to Candlestick Patterns – Learn how to trade

Candlestick patterns are used to predict the direction of price movement. They can be found in any time frame, from 1 minute charts all the way up to monthly and yearly charts. In this article we will focus on candlestick patterns that appear on daily charts as they provide more reliable signals than those appearing […]

Is Money Management in Trading Important?

Many people don’t fully understand what money management in trading means, or what it entails. Some think it is all about setting stop losses and discipline, but that’s not really true. Proper money handling is the key to long-term success in trading. Rather, it’s about keeping your capital in a healthy place, ensuring that your […]

How to Use a Stop Loss when Trading Stocks

Do you want to learn how to use stop loss in trading stocks? Stop loss is a great tool for traders. It helps them protect their profits and minimize losses. This article will teach you everything about it, from the basics of what it is to advanced strategies that can help you make more money. […]

How to Swing Trade Stocks Like a Pro

Have you ever wanted to learn how to swing trade stocks? If so, then this article is for you. Here we’ll cover what swing trading is and why it can be a great way to make money in the stock market. We’ll also go over some of the best strategies out there and give you […]